Lifestyle Protection Delivered through Risk Management Expertise

At Samuelson Insurance Group, we develop tailored risk management solutions to our clients that help them to protect and maintain their lifestyle even when unfortunate events occur. We start by using our expertise to provide advice and counsel to our coachable clients before they need it. Our experienced professionals provide the highest level of service and we understand that significant personal assets and wealth require a higher level of expertise and service. We know our clients face challenges across a range of issues. We are committed to recommending what is in our client’s best interests and not ours. That’s why we when we say protecting you like family, it’s more than a motto—it’s a promise!

Personalized Risk Management Support

We believe the personal approach is the best approach so we provide private risk management and insurance protection for:

  • C-suite executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners
  • Family offices
  • Entertainers and professional athletes
  • Inherited and fortuitous wealth

Consultative Risk Reviews

Our client relationships are rooted in the foundations of confidentiality, trust, and expertise. We work directly with you, your financial advisor, CPA, or attorney to manage your risks and exposures and develop a comprehensive risk program that can provide the protection you need.

Comprehensive Risk Analysis

We approach each new risk evaluation as if no risk management plan has been established. We consult with you to review your portfolio as well as your risk tolerance. This approach allows us to present all viable options so that our clients can make informed decisions. Our process helps to:

  • Uncover risks and exposures
  • Review adequacy of coverage limits
  • Provide you with the best solution along with competitive pricing
  • Provide recommendations for the appropriate levels of risk retention (deductibles).

Annual Risk Management Reviews

An insurance program in place to help you needs to be reviewed regularly so that it can be kept current and relevant in regards to your assets and exposures. We will regularly review your risk management program including monitoring your coverages and limits.

Claim Advocacy

Our promise is to be here when you need us most. When a claim arises, we will advocate on your behalf and provide guidance throughout the life of a claim. We will be here to work through any claim issues that may arise and require our expertise to get the best results.