Indianapolis Business Insurance

Indianapolis business owners know that they want to spend time working in their business, not working on their business. That’s why when they are looking for Indianapolis business insurance, they want to work with a local insurance professional that is going to identify and understand their risk management needs. This keeps business owners in Indianapolis, Carmel, and the surrounding areas from spending valuable time wondering about business insurance. The better way to do things is to work with the Samuelson Insurance Group, an experienced partner who offers sound advice that will ultimately help them manage the risks inherent to each of their businesses.

We understand that you may not know exactly what types of business insurance are required to effectively protect your business. For example, some contractors may not own a physical building, but they may still own property that needs protecting. Other businesses can face entirely different risks. That is what makes Samuelson Insurance Group an ideal fit for your business. We protect your business like you are family. We will sift through the details and explain which coverage you may want to consider and which protection your business is required to have. We assist business owners throughout Indianapolis and central Indiana in determining their ideal insurance coverage.

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Types of Business Insurance

Business owners take pride in what they have built, whether it’s a restaurant, auto shop, or marketing agency. As a business owner, you know that to protect your business you need to take reasonable precaution to eliminate hazards and protect your customers. We’ll help you identify the right protection to cover you from unforeseen risks. While this list does not cover every type of business insurance we offer, it provides a thorough summary of the coverages many businesses need:

  • Property Insurance: this includes coverage for buildings, office furniture, machinery, and/or other equipment you own
  • General Liability: This is the cornerstone of any business insurance package as it helps protect you from injuries and property damage at your place of business or other locations
  • Workers Compensation Insurance: This required coverage protects both employers and employees in the event of a work-related illness or injury
  • Commercial Auto: We will help you protect company cars, trucks, or other vehicles, or determine if you just need a policy that insures employees who drive their own vehicles
  • Cargo: Jargon like ‘inland marine’ and ‘equipment floater’ can be confusing. That’s why we make sure that the items essential to your business that you transport from one place to another are covered correctly
  • Employment Practices Liability: No business owner ever wants to encounter a claim of unfair employment practices or a lawsuit by a disgruntled employee. That’s why coverage against claims of negligence, discrimination, harassment, benefits mismanagement, breach of contract, and more can be important for your business
  • Errors and Omissions (E&O): This professional liability insurance protection is virtually essential for any professional in an advising capacity, such as investment representatives, general contractor, or architect as it protects you if you make a mistake or oversight that results in financial loss by a customer or client
  • Umbrella Liability: This coverage serves as an ‘umbrella’ over and above the liability coverage limits provided by your other business insurance in the event that a loss is greater than what the underlying coverage provides
  • Business Interruption Insurance: Prepares you in case you had to suspend the operation of your business because of an unexpected event or natural disaster
  • Key Person Policies: Life insurance on key personnel within your business will protect your operation in the event of the premature death of valuable executives or employees

Additionally, some sole proprietors or small businesses may find that they are in need of a simple business-owners policy or BOP. These policies provide sufficient coverage while allowing for additional tailoring to meet the unique needs of each business.